reach your users wherever they are

We have a global network of carriers, meaning that we can deliver your service to over 166 countries across Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. If required we can also geo-target both online and mobile elements of your solution to give your global service the edge to win locally.

Connectivity is amoja's heritage. We are a telephone company with our own number ranges, physical switch interconnects and a dedicated high availability, fully redundant and highly resilient infrastructure with near real-time data replication to facilitate recovery in any disaster scenario.

dedicated delivery network

We own a dedicated data centre, delivery network and infrastructure of telecoms, mobile and internet based platforms for content management, delivery and payment processing. We can handle many different languages and currencies, and our high capacity connectivity solutions in mobile, web and voice can scale to your needs to cope with tens of thousands of concurrent user interactions as required.

designed for your content

Whether your content needs protection by security services, needs to get to handsets immediately, comprises large files or any mix of these issues, we have the experience, technology and content delivery networks in place to be able to deliver your content smoothly. We excel in near-real-time mobile video, ensuring that it is optimised for the users device and delivered with the minimum of delay to anywhere in the world across any mobile data network.