Android application development

The Android platform, developed by Google, is an open development platform for mobile devices. This means that developers are able to build extremely rich and innovative applications. Applications can access the device hardware, use location information, run background services, set alarms and add notifications to the status bar and more. Android handsets all include an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, internet browser and contact applications..

Unlike the iPhone, developing for Android means developing for a range of different handsets, with different capabilities and features. Some have a physical keyboard, some are entirely touchscreen and there are a large number of different screen sizes and user interfaces . This variation in devices provides an additional level of complexity in the application development phase. amoja can help develop and tailor an app which works on a variety of handsets, and brings your brand into contact with a broad spectrum of phone users.

An important feature of Android is that applications can make use of features borrowed from each other.. For example, if another application has created a tool for scrolling and then made it available to others, you can use that scroller in your own design - e.g for scrolling through a gallery of images -, rather than developing your own..This makes for great flexibility and cross-fertilisation between different apps, giving rise to exciting possibilities..

amoja are experienced at developing applications for Android devices.

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