iPhone application development

The two most important attributes of an iPhone app are its novelty and its usefulness. The first guidelines is that your app should be as unique as possible. As the App Store is a very competitive marketplace, already saturated with all kinds of apps, your primary consideration should be to make yours stand out by being one of a kind.

If the app you develop is different enough to all of the other apps available then it will attract media attention, the user will show it to their friends and and it will garner mentions on blogs and social networking sites. This is invaluable marketing that will help your application to spread virally.

Being unique will help with uptake of your app, but to get people to actually use it long term it also needs to be useful. It must make users' lives easier, and become an everyday tool to which they regularly refer.. This causes them to cnstantly see your branding, and become more familiar with the app and receptive to any other messages displayed there. Your brand is also strengthened in their minds by the frequent use of something that they feel makes their lives easier.

Amoja can help you develop an application idea that is both unique and useful and then create the application for you. We will guide you all the way, including your submission to the app store and making sure that you have suitable customer support. We will also work with you processing the feedback you receive to continuously improve your application and build on it.

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